Windows X Transformation Package


Windows X Transformation Icon Package is a Windows XP Software that brings your Windows appearance to the appearance you select. It's not only Icons, it contains software that may make it easier for you to deal with Windows XP such as Breadcrumbs Tab-barWin-flipRainmeter and much more!


RAM: 1024 MB is preferred for your system to work correctly if you are going to install any of the above listed applications. Otherwise, 512 MB is required. 

Disk Space:  61.5 MB is required if you are only going to install Icons, 111.4 MB is required to install the pack without additional applications (Recommended).  Otherwise, 200 MB is preferred to install the full pack. (Not recommended).

Video Card: Direct X9.0 or OpenGL capable card is required if you are only going to install Win-flip.

OS: Windows XP 32-bit.  


The package must be installed in Safe-Mode as our software does not support replacing system files in normal mode and Anti-viruses must be temporarily disabled during the system files replacement operation because it may conflict with replacing files. You can then perform a whole system scan with your anti-virus after completing the system files replacement operation.

Here's how to install the package

  •  After downloading the package from our website or this mirror. Let your Windows Reboot(Restart) in Safe-Mode or Directory Services Restore Mode.


  • Just before your Windows start to boot/load system files and display the Windows logo. Keep tapping F8 key then select Safe Mode

  • When Windows Starts, you may open the icon package installer. Keep clicking Next till you reach this page. Select whatever you want from the package and click on Next again.
  • Before you click on Install, make sure that you close any software that may conflict with the replace operation such as Anti-viruses. Make sure you remove the Windows CD if inserted as well to avoid file restore operations.
  • Once you click on Install, the installer will start extracting files then it will automatically bring up the MS-DOS batch to replace your system files.
  • The MS-DOS batch file will do everything for you automatically once it starts.
  • The following confirmation should pop up if you have selected a Visual Style from the package. Please click on Cancel if you can change Windows Themes and Visual Styles. You may undo changes done by this application by navigating to %SystemRoot%\XIPv3\UXThemeMultiPatcher\UXTheme Multi-Patcher 6.0.exe
  • If everything went OK, you should receive an error message that would restart your Computer after 2:00 minutes


The following application: WgaTray.exe may slow down your Computer when you try to login after installing the package for the first time. This file installs automatically during Windows Updates.

To stop this application from functioning, please do the following, or you can just wait for the application to terminate automatically

  1. Restart your computer, hit F8 before windows loading screen to go into the advanced boot options menu.
  2. Select Safe mode (not with networking or with command prompt)
  3. Goto START>RUN> type “regedit” (without the qoutation marks) and hit ENTER.
  4. From the menu bar, click on EDIT. Then, select FIND
  5. Search for WgaTray, delete any reference found, (after it finds it the initial first time, just hit F3 to continue the search) continue to delete anything it stops on.
  6. Scroll all the way back up in the registry editor, and select My Computer (one click. not two) and start a new FIND, this time we're looking for Wgalogon, again, delete any references found.
  7. Lastly, again, click on My computer, and start a new FIND, searching for LegitCheckControl.dll , again delete any references found.
  8. Reboot and you are finished, if not, you may have missed a registry entry.


  • The following screenshot represents Windows XP after installing XIPv3 during boot time.
  • After logging into your desktop, you may change the Windows style and appearance from the  "Appearance". If you have selected 48 Icons during the patch, make sure you select a scheme with 48 Icons if possible as described below.

You may revert back the icon size to 16x16 from Effects.


We occasionally release updates to make your Windows look and feel better. We've released the following updates to help make your computer better

Though you can run updates in the Normal Mode, it's preferred that you run updates in Safe-Mode.

Please install updates matching the following order


Update Components

This update can be removed from %SystemRoot%\XIPv3\Restore.cmd
ViGlance (Out dated, No longer works)
ViStart (Out dated, No longer works)
ViCon Remastered
Vista Switcher
QTBreadcrumbs TabBar
ChromeX Visual Style


Update Components 

This update can be removed from "Add or Remove Programs" 

user32.dll (optional)
Vista Inspirat 2 Visual Style
Crystal dlb2 Visual Style
Vista Visual Style


Update Components 

Only install this update if you are having problems with Microsoft Windows Media Player icons after installation. 

This update can be removed from "Add or Remove Programs"


Some applications such as QTBreadcrumbs does not support automatic configuration.
Installing QTBreadcrumbs Bar
.NET Framework 2.0 is required for this software to work properly. 
  • Get the installer from the application's website or from our update (Version 2.9)

  • Once the update extracts the required files, it will automatically pop the application's installer. Click on Next to proceed with the installation

  • Select Install and click on Next
  • Once completed, you should be able to see NGEN STATE: complete at the bottom of the installer if everything went OK.

  • Now open My Computer and right-click the tool bar selecting QT TabBar and QT Tab Standard Buttons. If this item is not yet visible after installing QTTabBar, you'll need to log off first.

  • Right-click the Tab Bar and select Options to configure the application

  • Select Tab from the top to edit the Tab settings.

  • To edit the appearance of the standard buttons, select Appearance from the top. This computer has its Toolbar Background Color set to Red:185 | Green:209 | Blue:234

  • If you want to specify your own short-cut keys, select Shortcut Keys from the top

  • If you would like to edit Misc settings, select Misc from the top

Other applications such as ViStart and ViGlance won't launch if it was installed by our updates. It's recommended that you get the two applications listed above from their publisher's website.


  • The following screenshot represents the final look and feel of Windows after installing the Icon Package

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